Haircare Treatment

For Deep Replenishment

Your hair may need additional help on top of the care you give it at home simply because you don’t have the time to give it a deep treatment – and a salon visit is a perfect opportunity to add a little something extra that will last!

We use a range of haircare treatments to replenish moisture, restructure weakened hair and also add softness and shine back into your locks.

Many of our treatments require 20 minutes under a heated dryer to help fully soak in the nutrients and this is added luxury time for you to get wrapped up in a magazine or just have a nice time-out sans distractions.

While oil treatments add shine, pliability and softness, moisturizing treatments can also help to preserve and enhance your colour and are great anti-aging defenders.  We also have buildup removers for both hair and scalp and energizing treatments to promote hair growth and defend against hair loss for both men and women.

We even have express hair smoothing treatments, which smooth the hair’s cuticle and help prevent the hair from responding to humidity.  One of these works until your next shampoo and the other will last up to one month and both have cumulative results, so the more you treat your hair, the smoother it will become.

Let us know if you want a little something extra for your hair when booking your next appointment!


Haircare treatments start at 25.- added onto your services