Lightening and Blonding

With a renewed focus on blonding and lightening looks such at balayage, and ombré, highlighting and bleach and tone services are at centre stage.  Our lighteners are gentle and buffered to preserve the integrity of your hair while achieving the right level of lightness and we can use a protective lightening additive if necessary. So, now you can be the perfect shade of sun-lover and still love the feeling of your hair too


Highlighting services begin at 70.- and Bleaching begins at 100.-


Davines L’art lightener is enriched with cyamopsis tetraonogioba from guar bean which offers a strong moisturizing action to protect the hair during lightening, L’art powder and cream formulas are for use in all lightening services including on-scalp bleach and tone services.


L’art toners accompany L’art lightener to pigment your hair while you lighten using direct pigments, which sit on the outer cuticle of the hair, to either counter or enhance reflects in the hair as desired.  The cream-gel formula can be mixed into the lightener in varying amounts determining the final outcome.


Davines A New Colour lightening powder is enriched with metasilicate, a natural biodegradable alkalizing agent from water-soluble quartz powder, to maintain hair while exacting your lightening capacity.  This means that it’s a lot gentler than using an ammonia derivative since they’ve employed this smart science of using natural ingredients which can do the same job and keep your hair safe all the while