Mens Grooming and Styling

Men want great style and we’ve got your style and trend suggestions covered. We’ll take you through a quick consultation process to find out just what suits you.  We have a modern approach to men’s grooming and styling, whether you want it easy going, crisp and sharp, or professional.

Blend away greys while you’re at the wash basin instead of sitting with the gaggle of gals in waiting for your colour to process.  We use a simple and quick ‘toning’ method which tones down the volume on white hairs to a silver rather than getting rid of them altogether, then we follow up with a nice, refreshing scalp massage.  You won’t believe how natural the blending looks and you will be asking for this service again.

We’ve hand selected hair and scalp condition specific haircare and pastes for all lengths of men’s styles from Davines and Kevin Murphy and we can show you how to use them too.

We also recommend a quick “fringe trim” on the edges to freshen things up between haircut appointments and keep you handsomely put together.

Mens Haircuts begin at 45.