Thermal Smoothing Treatments

img_0202-smOur smoothing treatments offer excellent smoothing and long lasting, transformational results without the use of formaldehyde and actually make your hair healthier and stronger.

100% free from formaldehyde and all of it’s derivatives, our smoothing treatments never contain anything that could become hazardous to your health.

Composed of ingredients such as silk components, aloe vera, keratin protein, glycolic acid, vitamins and botanical extracts, our smoothing treatments restore the health the of the hair.  Our smoothing system uses a revolutionary low ph technology to restore bonds which are broken during heat styling, brushing, and during chemical services.

Methylene Glycol, which is used in traditional keratin smoothing treatments, releases formaldehyde gas when heated with a blow dryer or iron.  The Glycolic Acid used as an alternative in our smoothing treatments instead, is safe for the stylist and client.  It creates softness and improved manageability, prevents the hair from breakage and protects it from heat.

A natural protein produced by silk worms called Sericin is also used.  Sericin acts as a cement between reticulated proteins, sealing in moisture, adding lustre, protecting bonds and locking hair into a smoother, straighter form.  Weakened hair becomes stronger and rough feeling hair is silkier to the touch, compact and in control.  Your hair can still hold a curl and will better resist humidity in misty, foggy and humid climates.

Keratin protein (the strong protein in hair, nails and skin) heals, protects and seals the treatment in.

Some smoothing treatments can last a minimal 30 – 60 days.  The smoothing treatments we use last up to 5 months and smooth your hair and repair damage from lightening, chemotherapy, age and other processes that break down the bonds of your hair.

Our treatments also wash out of the hair gradually, so no line of demarcation is evident.

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