Blow-Dry Art, Up-Styling and Makeup Services

A well styled ‘do’ has the power to pull an outfit together and help you to feel great about how you look from top to toe.  But it has to match both the outfit and you too – so that’s what we’re here for.

When putting your whole look together, it helps to have an experienced and objective eye for proportions that will balance your outfit, the feeling the whole look inspires and how best to make you comfortable in your finished look.  Does it fit your personality? Is it easy and comfortably worn down, up-styled, or somewhere in between?  And which do you prefer?

Even if the look you are wanting is something outside of your usual range, we will do our best to make it suits you so that you can be your most comfortable and confident, because the objective is for us to assist you in the process of making that happen.

It’s actually great to have photos of your outfit, and you in the outfit if possible, then we can immediately visualize your hair and makeup style to create the perfect polish.

As for makeup, this also should bring out the glamorous side of you and still fit your features in enhancing them and you in the process.  We want you to be striking at a distance and alluring up close.

If it will be necessary to try out your look in advance to ensure a successful outcome, we also recommend a trial for any and all services that you will want to experience one to two weeks ahead of an important date.  Sometimes this can be timed for another function on a separate night out as to be put to full use.

Being a girl is really so much fun!

Blow-Dry services begin at 45.
Up-Styling begins at 75.
Makeup begins at 56