Hair Colouring Services

We provide you with the most beautiful results, using the most beautiful products, available in the safest formulations, created in the most socially and environmentally responsible manner.

Natural warmth, rich and deep tones, vibrant and luminous shine..

At Canvas Salon, we want to give you natural looking, yet vibrant and rich tones that last and condition.  We use natural colour formulations that care for you and our environment.

We also keep abreast of current techniques, so your colour is always modern.

Please bring photos with you of colour you like.  It’s good to keep in mind the texture, length and amount of hair in photos in relation to your own hair, but really, it’s the feeling that a photo conveys which is important.

Read on to learn more about the hair colouring lines we’ll use on your hair.

Call us to speak in person for personalized colour services, an additional consultation may also be necessary to achieve just the right colour.


Re-growth application (root touch-up) begins at 83.-

Add-on lengths to re-growth or highlighting services begin at 25.-

Highlighting services begin at 70.-

Add-on as a ‘toner’ to haircare/colouring/cutting services begin at 40.-

Add-on to mens haircutting services as a ‘toner’ to very elegantly ‘blend’ (not colour) grey hairs begin at 40.-

A-la-carte services:  all services begin at 60.-/per hour plus the cost of materials.

Mask with Vibrachrom – permanent hair colour providing unsurpassed performance in shine, vibrant colour saturation, outstanding and interesting pigment selection and gorgeous condition with the lowest ammonia formulation available.

This formula is PPD and parabens free (these are the common allergens found in hair colour).  Quinoa protein strengthens hair

Flax seed omega-9 provides condition and shine

Phospholipid carriers make the shine and condition results you love long lasting.

A New Colour – ammonia free versatile demi-permanent to permanent colouring system has virtually no odour, adds incredible shine, soft, soft conditioning and exceptional grey coverage and colour that lasts on the lengths of hair.  This hair colour is so gentle that you would think it wasn’t active, yet it does exactly what you want it to and in the safest manner possible.

Vegetable carotenoids are vegetable sourced pigments

Vegetable melanins are anti-oxidant and anti-free radicals

Cornstarch provides anti-static and conditioning effects

MEA – monoethanolamine, a natural and biodegradable alkalizing agent to help the hair accept the colour without the use of ammonia

Finest Pigments – no mixing is necessary to activate the ingredients in this ‘direct colour’ line.  A true semi-permanent formulation, Finest Pigments represents the first approach to colour for natural hair.  The formulation adds incredible shine and conditioning and uses up to 98% naturally derived ingredients.

Giesta – gives luminosity and shine to hair due to flavonoids in it’s flowers, mixes with Raniana to enhance the hair’s reflects.

Ginger – enhances gold tones, has a strong antioxidant effect and contains polysaccharides which protect your hair

Indian walnut – anti-oxidant protects your hair with high lipid content which also enhances darker reflects in hair.

Ranania – enhances pigment reflects and is rich in antioxidant tannins preserving colour and slowing colour degradation.

Saffron natural pigments maintain golden reflects, are rich in terpenes and carotenoids with a strong antioxidant action.

Lycopene – a highly anti-oxidant red phytopigment from tomatoes protects lipids in the hair from solar oxidation

Polyquarternium-67 conditioning agent is obtained from cellulose making the capillary structure softer