Your Hair Assistant premium blow-dry products

fdf2cdca4e31543491339ee7fc891d1f-smBlow-drying is an expression of individuality and feeling good:  a good blow-dry emphasizes your colour and cut, while a mediocre blow-dry will take away from the final look.

Exclusive products specifically formulated to bring your inspiration to life, offering the best performance available throughout the blow-dry creation.

This line includes seven sulphate free products in Zero Impact packaging, intended to be used like a regimen:  each product prepares the hair to receive the application of the next product, intensifying the result.

The sophisticated fragrance, a bouquet of nocturnal jasmine softened by the freshness of mint, remains and is spread evenly on the hair even after it’s application.

Prep Shampoo is a moisturizing and nourishing shampoo, suitable for all types of hair.  It gently cleanses both the scalp and hair, removing any styling residue.  It creates rich and voluptuous foam, which is easy to rinse.

Prep Mild Cream is an elasticizing and moisturizing conditioner for fine to medium hair.  It deeply moisturizes, detangles and enhances the natural shine of hair and leaves the hair compact, soft and silky.  It does not weigh the hair down.

Prep Rich Balm is a nourishing conditioner for thick and treated hair.  It deeply nourishes dehydrated hair, enhancing it’s natural shine, leaves the hair compact, soft and silky, does not weigh the hair down and has an excellent detangling effect.

Blowdry Primer is a bodifying tonic with an anti-humidity effect for all hair types.  It adds body to the hair, protects it from humidity and enhances it’s natural shine.  It supports the blow-dry with a natural effect, reduces blow-drying time and, when used regularly, protects hair from the damage caused by hot tools.

Definition Mist is a texturizing spray, for use on dried hair, that enhances natural hair shine.  It separates hair strands with an excellent anti-frizz effect and controls the electrostatic effect, leaving the hair soft and light.

Perfecting Hairspray is a medium hold hairspray with an invisible effect. It adds structure to the hair for a long-lasting blow-dry, while preserving the natural movement of hair.  It is humidity-resistant and can easily be re-worked after application.  It is extremely fine spraying, dries very quickly and can easily be removed without leaving residue.

Volume Creator is a fine texturizing and mattifying powder.  It adds texture and body to the hair, creating natural, long-lasting volume and protects blow-dried hair from humidity, without leaving residue.  It is an all-natural formula, 100% micronized coconut and bamboo powder reduced to tiny particles of 10 microns (a single hair is about 70 microns).

The Volume Creator can only be used with the Volume Creator Brush, specifically designed for ideal application.  The dispenser can be refilled with the texturizing powder, which will be released through the brush, allowing precise and controlled application.

Your Hair Assistant is conceived and designed by Angelo Seminara, Davines Artistic Director.  Angelo is greatly influenced by nature and enjoys pushing boundaries by mixing contrasting elements with brilliant skills and elegance.  He aims to enhance femininity without flaunting it.  His art consists of creations that stand out for their evocative nature and simplicity, highlighting natural beauty.

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